Readers who invested into various psychedelic stocks late last year were rewarded with enormous gains.

Take for instance:

MindMed (NEO: MMED) from 0.40 to $6.40 in just over four months.
Core One Labs (CSE: COOL, OTC: CLABF) from $2.50 to $11.80 in three months.
Numinus (CSE: NUMI, OTC: LKYSF) from $0.185 to $2.45 in four months.
Cybin (NEO: CYBN, OTC: CLXPF) from 0.64 to $4.00 in eight months.

Company's involved in psychedelic-assisted therapy and innovation in this emerging sector are beginning to command large market caps and the best run company's continue to produce impressive gains for investors.

Here's why we think this stock could be the next high flyer in the psychedelic sector.

The global mental health crisis is staggering in size, costing the world economy an estimated $8 trillion USD from depressive disorders (1). The anxiety disorder and depressive treatment market size is $238 billion USD (2) with an estimated annual spend of $16 billion USD (3) on mental health and ancillary services.  

KETAMINE ONE (OTC: KONEF | NEO: MEDI) is consolidating the highly fragmented North American clinic industry and rapidly scaling its business to become a major player in the multi-billion dollar psychedelic-assisted therapy sector. Their business model incorporates a growing roster of clinics, telemedicine, contract research and digital therapeutics including novel wearable devices such as guided Immersive Virtual Reality.

As legalization rolls out across North America, the psychedelic-assisted therapy sector is exploding with growth and ketamine clinics have arguably become the most profitable vertical in the space. 

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Unrivalled Business Model

  • KETAMINE ONE (OTC: KONEF | NEO: MEDI), in addition to top tier on-site clinic services and a wholly owned CRO (contract research organization), is offering digital therapeutics via Immersive Virtual Reality (IVR), novel wearable tech and telemedicine, a $68 billion USD market currently experiencing hyper-growth.

  • Scaling through Acquisition: Actively identifying and acquiring individual clinics, entire clinic networks, and other facilities then retrofitting to expand service offerings, including intravenous treatments and ketamine-assisted psychotherapy.

  • Current portfolio of 18 clinics with target expansion to 30 clinics by 1Q22.

  • Wholly owned subsidiary KGK Science is a leading North American Contract Research Organization which generated $4.4 million revenue in 2020.

  • KGK Science provides high quality clinical research trials and expert regulatory support for the nutraceutical, cannabis and psychedelic sectors. For over 23 years, they have successfully helped hundreds of companies with custom designed clinical trials and claim substantiation strategies to move products efficiently into global markets.

Massive market seeking effective therapies 

  • With nearly 1 in 5 Americans living with mental illness or addiction, an estimated $16 billion USD is being spent annually in the United States on mental health treatments and ancillary services.

  • Estimated addressable market size of $238 billion exists for anxiety disorder and depression treatments.

  • Ketamine has been in use since the 1970s as a safe and effective anesthetic around the world and has been on the WHO’s Essential Medicine List since 1985.

  • Safe, legal access to psychedelic-related therapy is going to become increasingly available for a range of conditions, including depression, PTSD & substance use disorders, creating a $100 billion total addressable market (Canaccord Genuity "Around the Corner", May 2020).



The Daily Dive interviews Adam Deffett, CEO of KetamineOne Capital (NEO: MEDI). Adam discusses the strategy behind Ketamine One and how it relates to recent acquisitions, the move to the NEO exchange, IVR therapies, and the future of the ketamine space as a whole.

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